Going to New York and the Wall Street Journal

Last Friday (27th  June) , We  went to New York  City and our first stop  was the Wall Street Journal   We me with  Alisa Bowen, General Manager, The Wall Street Journal Digital Network, who  briefed us on about digital in publishing and the concept of immersive stories Video 1 Video 2 We also spent time with  Various Editors including Stephen Grocer…

Entrepreneurship ,Yale Management School week 2

Our reading assignment  for next week is Mission in a Bottle  by Seth Goldman and Barry Nalebuff (The Honest Guide to doing business differently and succeeding)

Mission in a Bottle


This is an  entrepreneurial story of a Professor and his former student who started a beverage business because they could not find a  healthy beverage  that met their needs. In 10 years  they grew  business from $0  to $88.5 million in revenue and later sold the business to Coca Col .

We will be having a 2 day class with Barry Nalebuff (The professor) next week where he will be sharing his experiences and challenges.

Barry Nalebuff

Barry Nalebuff is an expert in game theory and has written extensively on its application to business strategy. He is the coauthor of six books: Thinking Strategically and The Art of Strategy are two popular books on game theory with over 300,000 copies in print. In addition to his academic work, he has extensive experience consulting with multinational firms, from American Express, GE, and McKinsey to Google and Rio Tinto. He advised the NBA in their negotiations with the National Basketball Players Association and serves on the board of Nationwide Insurance. In 1998, Barry together with one of his former students, Seth Goldman, cofounded Honest Tea. I will keep you updated

Ghana lost and then this happened

Yesterday  Ghana sadly lost their opening world cup match to the USA Then this happened ….   Delta Airways  assumed as most people do about Africa , one random picture of an animal in the wild  represents the continent . Ghana does NOT have giraffes and most found it offensive as we were reeling from the loss and tried of the…