Homework : Leadership or Stupidity ?

Today we were given our first assignment  as a prelude to  our effective leadership class  by the IBM team . Watch the videos below and tell me, was Shackelton  an effective leader or did he foolishly lead a group of people almost to their deaths ?   Part 1   Part 2 Part 3  

Washington Fellowship Ground 0

  Today , We are arrived at JFK for onward travel to  Yale University . This is what happened within 30 min of meeting… In the Video are Kwasi Gyeabour(Ghana), Ethel Cofie(Ghana) , Gaona Tlhasana (Botswana) , Moratuo Hlongwa (Lesotho) and Murendi Mafumo(South Africa) We agreed on a few  things yesterday , for every 1 negative we mention about Africa we…