Ethel Cofie’s Story

Ethel Cofie  is an IT  and Strategy consultant with a passion to  support businesses in their efforts to provide customers with great service/product, provide excellent customer service and make profit by providing excellent and appropriate technology solutions. Her vehicle for driving this passion is her company Edel Consult.

Her experience spans a variety of countries including UK, Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone and worked on projects like the Bill and Melinda Gates Funded Mobile Technology for Health and Ford Foundation funded election-monitoring project for Nigerian Elections and was Head of Commercial Solutions at Vodafone

She runs monthly Women in Technology Series out, an informal networking group focused on education and enhancing women’s careers by sharing experiences and lessons learned in members’ career development.

She is also on the advisory board of 2 technology companies, Chillax: An App that uses Artificial Intelligence to recommend entertainment options and Egotickets: An eTicketing & Events search service in Ghana with plans to be available to other selected African countries soon.

Additionally she is the Founder at the BarCampAfrica UK (This event dedicated to celebrating and discussing African Development within the context of Technology)

She has 2 projects she would like to execute in the coming year a social media project to help boost tourism in Ghana and an Accelerator/Venture Capital Fund to help develop entrepreneurship in Africa.


Her thoughts and ideas can be read on her blog at