Ghana lost and then this happened

Yesterday  Ghana sadly lost their opening world cup match to the USA

Then this happened ….

Delta Screen Shot


Delta Airways  assumed as most people do about Africa , one random picture of an animal in the wild  represents the continent .

Ghana does NOT have giraffes and most found it offensive as we were reeling from the loss and tried of the ignorance and assumptions that are associated with African countries


In an attempt to show indignation the Vox twitter team , sent out this tweet showing where in Africa you could find giraffes …












Unfortunately Matt Yglesias(Executive Editor at Vox.)   posted the wrong map of Africa , this map does not include South Sudan .

OH yes its all very complicated at this point .

There is a lot to be done to educate others about all the countries in Africa and the unique differences there are ,AFRICA IS NOT ONE COUNTRY.

Dear Matt the President Obama Young African Leaders Initiative fellows(YALI)  would love to meet with you when we arrive in DC in July . We have a lot to talk about .Thank you for trying to help we appreciate it .