Washington Fellowship Ground 0


Today , We are arrived at JFK for onward travel to  Yale University .

This is what happened within 30 min of meeting…

In the Video are

Kwasi Gyeabour(Ghana), Ethel Cofie(Ghana) , Gaona Tlhasana (Botswana) , Moratuo Hlongwa (Lesotho) and Murendi Mafumo(South Africa)

We agreed on a few  things yesterday , for every 1 negative we mention about Africa we have to talk about 3 positives.

I learnt  about free education from childhood to tertiary  institution in Botswana ,  and also how Constitution of South Africa was written with everyone writing on a  piece of paper of the South Africa they would love to see and that formed the basis of their democracy.

Needless to say Day 1 went well .

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The world is getting ready, everybody’s ready, yeah
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Celebrate and say, ay, ay, ay, ay


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All night, and all day
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Feeling in my heart that I can’t get over
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